Monday, September 10, 2007

what you don't know about Arizona

so, many people don't understand that the state of AZ is more than just barren, hot, miserable desert. in fact, we are mere hours away from the mountains! we head up a couple times a year and have fabulous time. but, we've never seen it like this. last weekend, our neighbors, the Whites

took us up to their cabin in Vernon. it was much further into the woods than we have ever stayed before, a good hour up from our normal cabin. once there, we relished the crisp air and quiet solitude. the first day we took the quads up to a hill with the most breathtaking views, but were quickly scrambling for cover as a storm rolled in. (escaping the valley does not mean escaping the Monsoon.) but the rain was welcome and made everything seem fresher. thanks to the rain we were treated with a wonderful surprise the following day. we took a much longer ride to get the lay of the land. Chad, our neighbor and tour guide, is an avid Native American relic hunter. he took us to an ancient Indian ruin and there we found pottery, an arrow head and a baby horney toad.

our nights were spent working on our latest addiction, Settlers of Catan.
what an Arizona adventure!


Joanna said...

Had to look up the "horney toad." Sounded weird and I thought it was "horned toad." Turns out we're both right. No jokes, then.

Erin said...

What a beautiful trip. I love the nature pics. Anna looks fascinated. So fun.

kellymccaleb said...

you have a beautiful family! i love arizona, you made me really want to take a trip with this post!