Saturday, May 3, 2008

fathers and sons...and daughter

so, Jason took Anna on the Fathers' and Sons' camp out with our church. as he loaded up her backpack with licorice, marshmallows, pringles, chocolate, tootsie rolls, etc. i added some trail mix and a few bananas and cautioned, "don't let her eat too much junk food." i mean sure, have fun, but watch out! so, when my happy little camper returned home the next day i asked, "did you have fun with Daddy?" "yeah," she said, "i slept in a tent, and i threw up EVERYWHERE!!!!"

Jason said i was probably right about all that junk food. to top it all off, when he finally found some wipes (i didn't pack any since Anna is now potty trained), they were frozen! yes, frozen! it was 20 degrees. they spent the rest of the night huddled by the campfire. long night!

so, i laughed a lot, gave Anna a much needed bath, and then heard all about their big trip. Anna loved the camp fire, sleeping in a tent, and catching a fish!

see, you don't have to have a son to have good times in the outdoors!
thanks to Strongs and Andrus' for the pics!!!!


Tonya said...

Oh, now that looks like FUN!



Erin said...

That's the best camping story I have heard in a long time! Love it.