Saturday, January 17, 2009

weekend fun

so, we had an awesome weekend. the Thompsons watched Anna and Madeline on Friday night while Jason and i went out to eat - with only one child in tow!!!!!! serious fun! it's amazing how free you feel going out with only one child who can't talk. i don't think anyone asked me why for the whole 2 hours! amazing!

then on Saturday we had family fun, sleeping in (yeah, sleeping in!), breakfast together, backyard golf, backyard lunch,

and dinner with Gray and Parker. the Hardenburg girls also joined in the fun and then we thought of a great idea - S'MORES! Jason stoked up the fire and i called all the neighbors. most people were out for the night, but the Wadsworth kids came for the fun. here's where i learned an important lesson: never think 2 adults to 10 kids is an appropriate ratio when fire is involved! poor little Gray found himself on the wrong end of a hot skewer, and i had to explain to his (really understanding) parents how he got burned on my watch! yikes!

Sunday we were on time to church! and came home to a delicious dinner waiting to be enjoyed! thanks crockpot! we even got to eat outside thanks to the unusually warm January weather.

yes Maddie, it's winter. but actually it's 75 degrees outside!


Erin said...

Is that seriously your backyard?! It's HUGE! So fun. Love the golf idea...we may have to try that.

And love below - how Ana scolded you for having popsicles when you said you didn't! Classic.

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed the smores...I didn't realize you guys were the only adults. You are very brave (if not a LITTLE crazy!) :)