Friday, June 5, 2009

how does your garden grow?

okay, so i picked my first zucchini a little soon. but, i stayed patient this time, and it paid off: i sauteed these suckers and they were delicious. there was enough for us and our guests! so, here's a glimpse at the Earl family garden lately:

these tiny peppers are my favorite, they are so cute!

here's a couple of baby zucchinis making there way to my dinner plate soon!

future cucumber.

did you know it takes 85 days to harvest a beefsteak tomato? i didn't, or i would have gone with Roma. but i am just dreaming of a hamburger with a big, think slice of these on there. yum! it'll be worth the wait.

we kind of ended up with a lot of squash and zucchini because i thought i planted them wrong and went for a second try a few weeks later, what do you know, we've got double growing strong. oh well, more to share!

these pictures will come in handy when my kids are older and say, "i don't remember ever having a garden," (if i don't keep it up, i'll have proof).

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