Friday, July 3, 2009

good morning my 4 year old girl!

it's a brand new day and Anna is 4! she was so excited, she darted out of bed and began running around trying to reach things that were too high for her yesterday. sadly, she discovered she still needed a stool to wash her hands, and reach things in the pantry. but, on a brighter note, she is able to jump much higher as she demonstrated many times throughout the day! the best part of the day, was opening her long awaited surfboard!!! Anna has always told us that she wanted a surfboard like Daddy when she turned 4. she was thrilled that the time had finally come. and so was Madeline!
Anna showed us how she'll use the board once she actually gets to go in the ocean. and she shared with sister.

on Friday, she celebrated her big day with all of her friends at a party at home. Anna is very much a princess and very into costumes. she always asks people what they will "be" on their birthday. she wanted a princess party, but wanted to include boys as well. we settled on fairytale, and made crowns and swords, played pin the tail on the dragon, and unicorn. and generally had a fantastic time! (Avery was there too! and definitely enjoyed the eating portion of the day.)

happy birthday my 4 year old girl!

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