Monday, December 14, 2009

photography lessons

it's been a fun couple of months since i started shooting subjects other than my children. i have learned a lot. lesson 1) all you need is love,

lesson 2) some people cannot take a bad picture,

lesson 3) i like to break that old rule, "never work with kids or animals,"

4) some kids are very smart, and very literal, take Conner for instance: at first his smile was a teeny bit "squinty:
then his parents said, "open your eyes!"

this is one of my all time favorite obedient child moments.

lesson 4) i love myself the silly

lesson 5) i tend to use "potty language" to get kids attention, this surprised me a little. but it was darn effective!

lesson 6) my brother requires a very specific regimen of editing to perfect his skin tone,

lesson 7) his wife does not, she is one of those people who taught me lesson 2.

i am looking forward to all the other fun lessons i get to learn as i move forward with my photography. i am officially "for hire", if you are interested, you can hop on over to i am especially excited about wedding photography and am booking up fast (2 this weekend!) so, for you brides out there, i'm available!

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