Saturday, March 10, 2012

ostrich festival

each year our family eagerly anticipates the arrival of Chandler's Ostrich Festival!  i have always loved a fair, the rides, the animals, the food!  what's not to love?  this was Bubba's first time at the fair, and he loved it!
 this year we smartened up and bought ride bracelets for the kids rather than buy individual tickets per ride.  this made it much more fun since we could just say "yes" to every ride every kid wanted to go on. 

 one of the best  parts of the ostrich festival is the ostrich races!  this year we went straight there to watch the whole race from the front road. 

 Bubba was a good sport all night!
 and the girls got much braver about all the rides this year.  although, Avery the daredevil was still stymied by her size and not able to ride everything yet. 

on a sad note, some of my delicious fair food was spilled  on the ground!  oh well, there's always next year!

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