Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jason's new title: Master Gardener

Jason wears many hats in our family.  he's a man that loves the challenge of learning something new.  he has tackled many a home improvement project both indoors and out.  last year, during the building of our pool, he was a major driving force in the landscape design.  in fact, he did the sprinklers and most the planting himself.  part of that planting included 4 grape vines on the trellises in our yard. 

this year, we both have been trying to learn the fine art of pruning and maintaining these vines.  here's the man hard at work:

 so it's going to take at least 3 years for us to literally taste the fruit of our labors.  but here's a sneak peek of what's growing now!
sadly, this little bunch had to go to make the vine stronger and ensure better fruit next year.  as a side benefit, we feel like we're learning a lot more about all those parables in the Bible.  it is truly a labor of love trying to get these vines to grow and produce!

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