Wednesday, March 13, 2013

we've got spirit, yes we do! BFCS Spirit Week

so, somehow i did not take a photo every day this week in honor of spirit week.  but here are the highlights:

decade day!  first i had to explain what a decade was.  then i had to use technology to show my children how styles have changed over the years.  then i had to explain why it is fun to dress in those styles.   phew!  that was a lot of work for school spirit!  

Anna chose the 80's
 Madeline went with 70's.  both wanted to know how i made "costumes" out of their regular clothes.  i explained that it was all about the hair!   (wish i had a photo, but Madeline won an award on Hawaiian day! woohoo!)
 the other photo-worthy day was twin day.  the girls chose shirts to be twins with each other, and friends at school.  

all in all, Spirit Week was a success.  the girls had so much fun showing pride in their school.  they were disappointed when field day was cancelled due to rain, but since it made snow in the mountains, and then we went to the mountains for spring break, they quickly got over it!  

we've got spirit, how 'bout you!

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