Wednesday, December 25, 2013

it's christmas time, again!

this Christmas was the first we shared as a complete family.  these cuties looked cute in their Christmas jammies as they slumbered in anticipation of a fun morning!
Santa did not disappoint.  each child received just what they were hoping for, and we got to capture it all with Daddy's gift, a GoPro.  

American Girls were at the top of everyone's lists this year.  In our family, if you would like to ask Santa for an American Girl doll, you first have to read the books and give the family a report on the time period.  Anna can take on a whole series no problem.  But for the younger readers (or non readers in Avery's case) we settle for 1 book.  So these are the smiles of girls who truly earned their dolls.  

Anna gave me these awesome glasses, and Dad gave all his girls golf hats for their one on one golf dates.  
Zoe received her Daddy Bear, a special bear we make for each child on their first Christmas.  Each bear has a loving message recorded by Dad. 

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