Friday, January 11, 2008

photo fun

so, my sister in law got a new fancy Canon SLR and i became inspired to learn how to use it. you see, i am prone to wanting new fancy things, without knowing why. this is a great example. i want a new fancy camera, Photoshop, and a new computer to handle all the creative stuff i want to do. for those of you not familiar with these items, they are expensive. it's not enough to just want them, i need to know why, and what i would do with them. therefore, i am trying before i buy. so, Renee and i took her new camera for a spin. it's pretty nice. these however, are photos i took with my camera, as i toyed with its settings and gadgets to match what we were doing with the fancy camera, so i would be able to point to the difference and say, "there, see, that's why i need some new fancy stuff." as it turns out, for now, i am happy with what i have. i like the way some of these turned out, and the only difference i noticed so far was how much i have to learn in order to justify the purchase of a new fancy camera. but, i would like to know from those of you who are good at this stuff, what do you use? cameras, photo editing software, computers, etc....and why? why is one better than the other, etc.? in the meantime i will be learning as much as i can!


Joanna said...

Oh, wow. Those photos are beautiful. Especially the one of Anna sitting on the tractor. The colors are so interesting! So which pictures were taken with which camera?

We got a Nikkon SLR for Christmas. I am still reading about what to do with it. I know nothing about photography and I don't think I'll EVER be that good at it, but I still wanted the best equipment I could get. Sound familiar? And I've also been eyeing a Mac laptop...

Erin said...

I think your pics are fabulous! Love the one that zeros in on Maddie's hands. So sweet.

I need to learn how to do more fancy stuff with my camera. Now if only I could find the manual it came with!

amita said...

Hey Britain! These are great photos.

I meant to reply (many, many months ago) when you commented on my blog. I'm a little slow. ;)

I'm totally behind on the whole awesome camera + photo skills thing, so I'm no help there. I'm with you, though, in wanting all the new cool stuff anyway. For now I'll have to stick to my little baby Kodak camera and Google Picassa for editing. But, if I keep having to see all these gorgeous pictures every time I check up on friends' blogs...(yours included) I'm sure I'll eventually want to give in and join the fun.

Take care!