Sunday, January 20, 2008


the girls are growing so fast, it's really unbelieveable to me. last monday Anna woke up, told me she had to go potty, and then refused to put a diaper back on. i guess this answered the question i'd been asking myself, "is she ready to potty train?" the real question was, "am i?" since i had spent the previous weeks devouring books on the subject, and just reached the cunclusion that 3 was the magic age, i was caught totally off guard but her enthusiasm. one thing was sure - you just don't say, "no, your too little," to a request/demand such as this. lucky for me, my nephew left behind a pull-up and i was able to convince her that big kids wear these. then it was off to Target for the step stool, Princess underwear, and (Pull-Ups thank goodness), and the training began. she went 2 full days with no accidents, wearing big girl underwear, and leaving me thinking she was a toilet-training genius. then, the wheels came off. good thing i got those Pull-Ups. they keep me much more sane. now, into week 2 of our training, Anna is a champ. she tries really hard to remember to go in the potty and loves to tell me she needs to go when we are out and about.

my big girl!Maddie is a walking pro. she is into everything and keeping me on my toes more than Anna ever did. i had a real look into the differences in their personality last week when we went to the library. it was a really windy day, cold too. the girls were bundled in the stroller when the wind really got crazy. Anna ducked under her blanket and shivered all the way home, while Madeline kicked her legs and waved her hands giggling all the way! these two love to play together. and love to love each other!


Joanna said...

Potty at the Earls' house! BYOP!

Hey, which camera are you using?!

Erin said...

Those are some awesome sister love pictures. I love them!

And I have never seen a cuter, prouder smile on the potty! Good job, Anna!