Thursday, February 21, 2008

splish, splash...finally

as you may, or may not know, Anna has been afraid of bubble baths for a while now. it all started when we moved her from the baby bath to the big tub. she wouldn't sit down, and i was paranoid of losing my grip and having her crack her head open. i decided Mr. Bubbles would be the key to making her sit in the tub. unfortunately, it had the opposite effect. she was terrified of the bubbles and never sat in the tub again.....that is until i tried bubbles with Madeline. once she saw Maddie splashing around happily, she jumped right in. after her first experience with bubbles she would remind me every night, "no bubbles, right mom." now, after dinner she asks, "is it time for my bubble bath with sister?" too cute! this whole experience just serves as a reminder that my children have 2 very different personalities.
Maddie isn't really afraid of anything. (except my face in a pair of nylons, a story for another time.)
and Anna is just a little more timid and slow to accept change. but now that she has someone to try new things first, she is really coming out of her shell. i'm glad to know it wasn't me. i didn't break some cardinal rule of parenting and use bubbles too soon. it's great to have a second child to make you feel like maybe your okay at this parenting stuff!


i'm kelly said...

it really is crazy how two kids, from the same genetic pool, can be totally and completely different!

Erin said...

Isn't it funny that the younger one is more adventurous/brave than the older sister? It's that way with Megan and Molly too. Last week at Disneyland - Megan was finally tall enough to ride Splash Mountain, but didn't even want to talk about trying it. Molly on the other hand was like "Daddy, I WANT to go!!"