Sunday, June 1, 2008

everyday is like Sunday

on Sunday, Jason snapped some cute pics of the girls while we got ready for church. Anna, always wants her sunglasses for the car ride, and never remembers them. this week she was prepared. i am always struggling for that perfect time to get the kids ready for church, either i do it too early and they get messy before we go, or i do it too late, and we are, well, late.
i couldn't resist sharing this one. this is the Madeline of my daily life. for some reason she likes to mad-dog everyone outside the house, but usually she is just a sweet, little, mischievous, angel!
when we got home from church we saw that Nalu had thrown-up. coming off her recent camping experience, Anna showed real sympathy for her pet. she crawled over to her on the floor and gave her kisses saying, "oh Nalu, did you have too much candy?" too cute!


Erin said...

Cute pictures and post! I can sympathise. Our Sunday mornings were usually so crazy too - And I was one who was never ready on time!

We've started to go to our Sat evening service. It's much easier to get us all there at 5PM rather than 8AM!!!

Anonymous said...

10:15 is my magic time. That is enough time to get everyone dressed, hair done, shoes on, and out the door by 11:00. Cute pics...your girls are so cute.

McG misses playgroup. He has already planned what he will be bringing to Anna's house next time he gets to play!

Joanna said...

Cute picture of Anna and Nalu!!