Saturday, November 22, 2008

the zoo...............hurray!

so, you may remember back about 21 months ago, a young mother just brought home her second daugher in as many years and celebrated with a trip to the zoo? no, you don't remember? well, Anna did. ever since Avery's come home Anna has been asking, "when are we going to the zoo?" so, we figured this is an Earl tradition. we took the girls to the zoo. as usual, they had a great time. Madeline was especially hilarious giving her impression of a lion. someday i will capture this on video. basically, she stiffens her whole body and makes a low grunting sound. while we were walking to see said lion, she had to stop about every 10 feet or so to show me what lion says. she'd do her growl and then look at me earnestly and say, "like that mommy!" as usual, the lions were sleeping so no real growls were to be heard. also, Maddie wore new shoes to the zoo, a practice i don't reccomend, she had to be carried most the day!
some zoo highlights: the monkeys were very active with several coming right up to the ropes and one even crossing our path. i always assumed the zoo keepers warnings not to touch the monkeys were for show only, but they are to be heeded. also, we saw the mountain goats actually coming down the mountain, a beautiful sight. both of these things were not captured on film, as i had my hands full. Avery was a champ sleeping the entire day. she fell asleep in the car at about 9:30 and slept until we got home just before 2:00, so her first trip to the zoo wasn't necessarily memorable for her, but that made it all the more enjoyable for us - thanks little A. good tradition Earls!

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