Sunday, November 30, 2008

let it snow!!!!

so, every other year for Thanksgiving we head up to Pinetop with the Earl clan. and this year, it snowed!!! we had to stop at Walmart before we got to the condo to pick up snow clothes for everyone. and then, we had at it! the kids were thrilled to play in the snow! on Thursday, we enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving feast! and that night, all 3 girls caught cold. we got about 45 minutes of sleep, (you know it's bad when the best sleeper is a mere 6 weeks old.) one hilarious moment from our sleepless night was when a delirious Anna, who was wide awake from 2-6:30 am, said, "mom, watch me do the splits," when i replied, "Anna, lay back in your bed," she started to cry and said, "mom, that wasn't nice, you're supposed to say that's cool, not get back in bed." oh, man the drama! but sleeplessness didn't stop the girls from wanting to play in the snow on Friday. poor Madeline spent Friday and Saturday, red faced, and crying, "i want pay so!" (translation, "i want to play in the snow.")it was torture telling her no. we found other things to do. like building "ginormous" castles out of plastic cups:

and napping:

all in all, it was a great Thanksgiving!


Joanna said...

That split comment had me laughing...

Kennedy said...

To bad we missed you. We were also at "The Wal-mart" buying snow clothes. Too fun! Great pictures.