Sunday, December 7, 2008

viva las vegas

so Jason won a trip to Las Vegas through work! hurray! now, i guess most people wouldn't bring their 3 kids to Sin City, but we're not most people. when you have to take one, why not take them all right? anyway, on Friday we had a little Hoover Dam action and checked into our hotel. we stayed off the strip at the Red Rock. it was a really, really nice hotel. i could fill an entire post with pics i took at the hotel, but Jason made so much fun of me, i'll just keep those to myself. as for our vacation - we wanted to be where the action was. we had hyped the girls up for Circus Circus, thinking this would be really exciting, and took them first thing Saturday morning. they were pretty luke warm on all the games, and even the shows. they won some prizes (kids under 12 win everytime, yay!) and we headed back to the hotel for naps. later that day we went to the Venetian, and they went nuts. they loved the Grand Canal and all the water! they were running around saying, "water, water!" i was left scratching my head. it was a fun weekend. we got together with some family to celebrate my cousin David's wedding. he and his wife Jodi are crazy, (just kidding guys) and were married during the Las Vegas Marathon. unfortunately, we missed the ceremony and even the finish line festivities due to kid issues, and just plain old traffic. but i saw pictures, and it looked like fun! the race ended at the Mandalay Bay, so we took the girls to Shark Cove. another hit attraction, apparently my girls love all things water related. good to know!


Rich and Miriam said...

We've stayed at the Red Rock and like you said, it is REALLY nice. I would love to see the pics you took...sounds like I'll have to come to your house to see them though! :) Glad you had fun!

Noriko Anderson said...

What a fun trip... hey can we get your address.

erinTphotography said...

What the freak, the Farrell Family is soooo in trouble??? How come I didn't know about this? I expect an explanation!!!
Congrats to David and Jodi!