Friday, December 12, 2008

decking the halls, trimming the tree

so, we've been on the go the last 2 weekends, and finally settled in now. we got a tree and spent some family time, trimming it up. we also got a new camera, and even though Jason thinks i'm crazy with it, here's his contribution. also, our little momma's girl changed her tune for a night and gave daddy some big time love. this made daddy's day! (maybe year?)Jason taught Anna how to do "shaka" and once she mastered it, she was hooked. here's Madeline's attempt. Avery was an angel as always, seriously a dream 3rd baby. later this week, i took the girls to see Santa. i wish i would have brought my own camera! these guys did not even try to take a good shot, and Avery was sleeping! what a waste. this weekend, we hit the outside of the house, even though there's only 2 weeks left in December. (i was a little Grinch-y and suggested we forgo lights this year.) anyway, we have our lights on remote control so, we taught the girls to say the magic words to light up the house, they love it. gotta love the magic of the holiday season.

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Anonymous said...

what camera did you get?