Monday, December 22, 2008

happy birthday Daddy!

Anna and Madeline get just as excited, if not more, about other people's birthdays as their own. today, they are super excited to with their Daddy a happy birthday. we've been wrapping presents and making cards, and not the least of things to do for Daddy: cleaning the house. we love Daddy!

as for me, i am having some special feelings for my man. Jason, every girl dreams about marrying prince charming, tall dark handsome, and all that. surface stuff. but what astonishes me each day, are the ways you have become the man of my dreams, the ways i didn't even know i was dreaming about. the absolute trust i am able to have in you gives me a deeper sense of love than i ever thought possible. all of the twitterpated feelings i had when we first started dating are still there, along with a deep admiration for the kind of loving husband and father you have become. i love how dedicated you are to all that you do, and i feel like i have been able to become myself with you by my side. thank you for loving me. happy birthday! (oh, and please don't be mad at me for posting these pics, i just loved the way you looked when you got home the other night.)


Tonya said...

happy birthday jason!

(love all the sweet sentiments britain!)


Kelly said...

How Cute!! Happy B day! You guys have a very Merry Christmas!!

Joanna said...

That was sweet, Britain.