Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day

this mother's day was wonderful. not only did my husband and children shower me with love, but i was able to share some of that love with my mother and mother-in-law, as well as put together some beautiful gifts for the young women to give their mothers. it was Anna's first time singing in Sacrament with the primary. even though she was elbowed out of her front row position by some eager young lads, she sang her heart out and made me proud. furthermore, Jason kept an eye on the kids while i relaxed. oh, and he relaxed too:

how do guys pull this off. i'm hopeless at the childcare/nap....


Leila said...

Oh my gosh! Ewan napped on Mother's Day also! Amazing!

Erin said...

This is Classic! Matt does it all the time and I can never figure out how he can actually fall asleep knowing he's "in charge"

I'm hopeless too!