Friday, May 1, 2009

swine flu?

all last week as i listened to the media spin the "swine flu" epidemic, i thought, "boy, i'm glad i don't have sick kids, i'd hate to second guess their symptoms." fast forward to friday afternoon and the projectile vomit both my "big girls" were spewing. yuck! poor Madeline was so miserable, she just couldn't understand why i wouldn't let her have her sippee cup. and she thought that the barf bowl was making her throw up, since i would shove it her direction every time she gagged. she'd say, "no mom, i don't want to thow up!" luckily the flu left almost as quickly as it came, but not before wiping out our weekend plans. ah, parenthood! it was funny, once Maddie was back on solids, everything she ate she'd exclaim, "look, i didn't throw up!"

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