Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter weekend re-cap

our Easter festivities began with out traditional neighborhood egg hunt and breakfast. we started bright and early so we could be done in time for conference. the breakfast was delicious as always. i am lucky enough to live on a street with some of the best cooks! yum! here are (most of) the kids that live on our street. and this June we will welcome 2 more neighbors born on our street! please take note of my youngest, she is our most terrible "terrible twos" girls and she's starting at only 18 months. whew, we are in for it from this girl. here she is displaying one of her favorite moves, the "throw-yourself-on-the-ground-in-a-crying-fit-for-no-reason. "

then, the hunt got under way. as usual, we found a lot of eggs and ate too much candy later that night, we dyed eggs (many of which ended up in some delish potato salad.)

Easter morning did not disappoint. the Easter bunny surprised the girls with these cute lambies, and a promise of another big egg hunt later with the cousins!after conference, we headed to Aunt Renee's dad's house. it was pretty funny listening to Anna explain to Maddie how we know Mike. "you know Maddie, he's Ethan's grandpa. you've seen him before, he's the guy who wears clothes and has tiny beard." (a moustache) hilarious.
this party was jam packed with exciting activities. more eggs, more candy!

bucking broncos!

Avery was so astonished by this she had to try it....all by herself. this is a common theme lately.

horse back riding!

and then some more fun. the kids lined up in this corral contraption that they use to release calf for roping. first, the gate was flung open. then they raced through the tires, and Wendy chased them.
here's Anna approaching the gate.
clearly fun was had by all. fun, food, and family, this was one great Easter weekend.

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