Saturday, April 24, 2010

last day of soccer!

the soccer season came to a close. Anna saw a lot of improvement in her game. but the bench as still her favorite spot. it's always a party.

she definitely got more aggressive going after the ball. and really started to understand the game.
she may have had a little crush on coach Brian. she was always very willing to follow his instructions. maybe i should have Brian come over when it's time to clean up the toy room.
i love this shot of her guzzling water. she was really working hard out there.
and of course trophy time was the best. all the kids were so excited. win or lose, they all got trophies, so who cares? (Jason and i are a little anti everyone getting trophies, we look forward to the keeping score days. it builds character.) all in all, a terrific season. way to go Superheroes!

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Kelly said...

Cute pics! I love the bench shots! There was always something going on over there! Tears and all!! :)