Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of july weekend = more camping, cabin style

this weekend was Anna's big birthday/4th of July party. she chose camping and we were all packed up and ready to go, when our neighbors asked us to join them at their cabin. we were smart enough to accept. i can't believe it's been 2 years since our last trip! since then, there are a few new fun additions to the property, a tree house, teepee, multiple swings....there's a huge luvsac in the family room where Jason had some cuddle time with the girls. 4th of July we headed to Show Low for quads, pizza, fireworks, and fun. thanks to the White clan for being so welcoming to our little crowd, and sharing your glowsticks.
this trip our whole family couldn't fit on one quad, how time change.
this was my favorite moment of the trip. we took a jeep ride up some trails to an old cave. Avery was in desperate need for a nap, but it wasn't happening. so, we piled in the jeep and she was a wreck, screaming and carrying on in true 2 year old style. then, she fell asleep. i tried cradling her in my lap, but she woke up and yelled, "no!" so she fell back to sleep while holding on to this bar. then she just sank down to her knees. again, any attempt to move her to a more comfortable position was met with angry screams. she slept like this for 20 minutes or more.
when we got to the cave, i was surprised at how eager Anna was to go inside. she's always been timid about new things, so i figured a dark cave with a tiny entrance would be a no go. but she was up for it. Maddie, not so much. there's something a little disconcerting about your child disappearing into a dark abyss. but oh so sweet watching them emerge with a huge grin and some found treasure.

Red Cabin Ranch is so beautiful. we would love to have a cabin of our own someday, and this is an ideal location. we were lucky to be privy to some "man made lake improvements" while there. did you know fish eat Puppy Chow?
why do i love moments when my children are suffering? (okay, only they think their suffering, the moment does pass) Avery could get up the tree house, but not down. when the kids would play up there they'd call me when she was ready to come down. this time however, dad was watching. (we all know how that goes) he had gone to the garage to play a game with the kids and Avery headed over to the tree house alone. from inside the house i heard her crying for me. there was a brief moment of panic while i tried to determine where she was, but when i found her i of course grabbed the camera. this face was priceless.
sometimes i forget that labs are water dogs. Nalu never does though:
Anna found this while we were loading up to go home. i wish i had more time, to do shoot after re-shoot, so i could capture the "fairies" flying off the stem.
we did spend one night in the tent. i love our tent, it is awesome. it's roomy and comfortable, and you can stand up in it. the kids love it too.

this looks like we tried to leave Nalu at the ranch. we didn't. she followed the car around all weekend. and loved every minute of it. poor Nalu, i think she would love to move back to cooler weather. i would too, if i had to wear a black fur coat all summer!
another fun weekend away. we have vowed to do this monthly while it's triple digits here in the valley. July: check!

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