Saturday, July 17, 2010

fun with a backdrop

i had my backdrop up for a fun photo session i did for Melissa of Mel.oh.drama. so, while it was up, we did a little impromptu fun shoot. this is hilarious: (it screams, "say cheese!")
i've been stumped on ideas for Maddie's 3 year old shoot. (i know, her birthday is in Feb., boo!) but i usually have an idea that just speaks volumes on the child. and Madeline is such a unique personality....i've been stumped. this is not it by the way: (but the idea is percolating and should materialize soon...stay tuned...)

and Anna's shoot is in the works as well. her idea came easily. but i haven't wanted to jump on it having not done Maddie's yet. (yes, i'm aware that i am weird.)

we also never did Jason's photo present for Father's, i've been busy okay?

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