Thursday, August 19, 2010

field trip!

each Friday for pre-school we do a little play day. this week, i thought AMY was a fun idea. they always have great hands on exhibits. right now, it's Jump into Japan, and Baseball. Madeline spent her time in the tea room:

Anna was more interested in buying and selling comic books:

and of course, we spent a fair amount of time in the play area, baking cupcakes:

washing dishes:
building "humongous castles":

climbing and jumping:

then we checked out the Baseball exhibit:

it was fun to have all three girls there, and to see Avery is old enough to really enjoy herself here now. we'll definitely be back!


dustin and amy said...

What is this place? I tried to click the link and it went nowhere. I would love to take Embry there!

britty said...

Amy - it's AMY, the AZ museum for youth (i think i fixed the link). it's so fun! we are doing outings each Firday for "pre-school" i'll keep you posted, you're always invited!