Monday, August 16, 2010

my girls' weekend!

this was the weekend of my cousin's wedding. we went back and forth trying to decide to drive, take the kids, not take the kids. finally we decided on me flying alone. i got a great deal on a last minute flight through priceline, and made a plan to crash with my parents and brothers. until thursday, when a call from the lovely and talented Erin T, changed it all. see, Erin is my cousin, she and her sister Bonnie may as well have been my sisters we're that close. these two ladies were planning on attending the wedding sans husbands and children as well!!!! what, the 3 of us alone for the weekend, for the first time in mayber 11 years? amazing! i bailed on the 'rents, arranged for Corb to pick me up form the airport, and spent a lovely weekend with the girls! what a nice surprise. to top it all off, i got so second shoot the wedding with the aforementioned Erin T! also, i got to spend some quality time with my baby sis, Corbynn and her fiance Tyler. i'm so excited for her, but i hadn't really gotten to know Ty yet. that all changed this weekend as he proved her is a good fit for my sister. he drove patiently as i got us a little lost in SLC, smiled and laughed with us as we stayed up way too late eating ice cream and gluing wedding favors, and didn't complain once on our jeans-shopping trip! good pick Corb!
to see more pics of Corb and Ty, check out my photography blog here.

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Joanna said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! You deserve it.