Sunday, February 27, 2011

Madeline's Birthday weekend!

friday: Madeline and 9 of her closest friends had a blast at Peter Piper Pizza! 
 rides, games, build your own pizza, presents, cake!  i think this party was a success!

 Saturday: game day.  grandmas and grandpas were there to cheer on the Honeybees! 
 Maddie started the game with a big kickoff!
 the half time snack is her favorite part of the game, well a tie with end of game snack!
 Anna is really starting to get the hang of the game. 
Avery,  the Honeybee's biggest cheerleader!
 Sunday: Madeline's actual 4th birthday!  we had the whole family over for dinner, presents, and...

happy birthday to my sweet Maddie Joy!  you are such a lovely girl inside and out.  your best friends are your sisters, and you spend your days in a blissful world of princess themed make-believe.  your dad and i love how you snuggle with us every morning, even though the other girls would rather hit the ground playing!  your kisses are endless, and you have made me a happy mommy with the promise that although your birthdays will come each year without fail, you will always be my baby!  i love you more than i can say.   you are the best 4 year old in the whole world! 
love, mommy

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Carroll Family said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Happy Birthday!