Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maddie graduates!!!!!

this pregnancy has been doing a number on my brain and body.  i can't remember anything and most days i really wish i could stay in bed and ignore all my various responsibilities.  (luckily i feel much better once i just bite the bullet and get up!)  anyway, due to this condition, i have chosen to bring only the camcorder to several of our family events over the last  couple of months.  one of those was Madeline's "graduation" from Apples to Zebras.  when  i went to get those images off the camera, i realized i had only taken photos with this when she "graduated" the first time back in November.  that event never even hit the blog!  seeing this photo reminded me a little bit of why:  (notice the crutches in the left corner)  
 "oh yeah," i thought, "that was kind of hard too!"  anyway, enough about me.  Madeline enjoyed her first turn as a big preschool girl this year.  she had her big program, singing, reciting poetry, showing us all she learned all term.  she knows it all, but does not relish the spotlight.  her expression is priceless as she methodically goes through the carefully memorized verses.  no smile, no gleam of recognition of the audience.  just a chin up, let's get this over with, performance.  and that's one way to get things done!

 and again in March.  this time all grandmas and grandpas were there, so she gave a little wave upon seeing us in the crowd. other than that, it was all business as she sang about zoo animals, springtime, and flowers! 

the big school girl decided to take a hiatus for the rest of the  year, she prefers the "joy school" we have at home for Anna.  so, i think we'll stick to that format next year too! 

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Anonymous said...

Avery's face is priceless in that last pictures! Love all the fun updates!