Saturday, April 16, 2011

Avery's 1st party!

this week Avery attended her first ever birthday party.  ( a fact she disputes with much enthusiasm, as she actually has attended her sister's parties.)  she was so excited.  her friend Amber dropped off the cutest invitation for a Tangled themed party, a tower with a blond yarn braid hanging down.  Avery carried it around saying, "not for you Anna, not for you Maddie, just me!"  she carefully chose a selection of goodies for a present, and delighted in helping me wrap them. 

she surprised me by being a little timid once we got there.  i think she assumed she and Amber would be the only girls there.  but it was a pretty big group.  (Amber's mom is a very ambitious lady.)  i sat with her to do a few crafts, hair bows, a pet chameleon, a necklace, a lantern,  it was a lot of fun.  then, she was ready for me to go.  by the time i came to get her, of course she did not want to leave!  what a fun party!!!

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