Wednesday, April 6, 2011

not a vacation!

each year Jason has an opportunity to earn a week long trip to an exotic locale.  this year, he won a Caribbean cruise!  we were so excited.  it would be a much needed baby moon, to relax and prepare for the next crazy stage of our life.  unfortunately, due to a prenatal issue, we had to cancel our trip.  i was mildly (okay, super) annoyed, because the problem would most likely clear up before our trip.  and in fact that's what happened.  i had a dr. appt. on tuesday and everything was fine.  but instead of flying to florida on wednesday, we stayed home.  bummer. 

but then in the middle of the night, this girl woke up with a raging fever.  the week that followed was full of pediatrician appointments, urinalysis, throat cultures and blood tests, due to this rash:

luckily, it turned out our little angel just had a virus plus a penicillin allergy.  so once that was determined the rash cleared up and she started to feel better.  all's well that ends well. 

on top of that, Jason's boss pulled some strings and got us on another trip!  so we got to take care of our little munchkin and we'll be Caribbean bound in 2 weeks! 

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