Sunday, May 22, 2011

helping dad murder innocent trees

as part of our pool project, Jason has decided to cut down 4 trees in our back yard.  it seems a little drastic, and he actually feels pretty bad about it.  but the root systems were out of control, and apparently we've been wreaking havoc on our neighbors pool for 6 years.  so, the trees had to go. 
 the girls have been super good about waking up bright and early to go out and help dad.  this helps me get a little bit of extra sleep!  hurray!
 i love that they're out there in their jammies and flip flops. 

where's Madeline you may ask?  she's a later sleeper than the other girls, she'd also rather be snuggling in bed with me than working out in the yard.  i want her to have a good work ethic, but this makes me smile. 

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DIY REDS! said...

We got yelled at by the whole town (small town) for cutting down two mature trees up here. Same thing, the roots were out of control and I know someone who's bathroom was overtaken by the same type of tree roots system. We did feel bad. We even had a neighbor ask to take pictures in front of them a week before we did it.