Friday, May 13, 2011


when we moved the big girls to a shared room, i asked Madeline if she wanted to keep her own duvet or pick something new that had more color, like Anna's.  her reply, "i want it like Anna's.....didn't you make hers special?"  gulp, why yes i did. so Maddie and I searched through my stash and put together her very own special quilt.  i even has some left overs from Anna's, so there's some coordination there.  i love the results. 

 also, recently my parents brought us some dressers from their house.  i painted them (one for the fourth time in my life, that was funny.)  and this little beauty landed in the girls' room.  i love the pink knobs. 
the girls a so happy to be sharing, and Avery can't wait to transition to her "big girl room."  i just need to do some finishing touches in there, but i'm resting for now!

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Carroll Family said...

What a cute room!!! I hope they're having fun sharing.....mine don't always, but I remind them how much I would have LOVED to share a room but I didn't have a sister.......