Monday, August 15, 2011

back to school photo shoot

so, i thought it would be awesome to forgo the posed school snap shot on a gnarly green screen background and do our own little back to school photo shoot.  i thought it turned out great.  but, Anna later expressed disappointment that she didn't get a traditional "school portrait."  i might do both next time, but i'm for sure sticking to our own photo shoot to commemorate a new school year!
   i adore this rustic apple.  it was perfect for a back to school session, but the lighting was all wrong at mid-day.  we still tried a few shots:

 Anna brought her old notebook and wanted a picture with her favorite drawing:

 finally, we made our way over to the original location:

 i love this first day of school outfit!  thank you H&;M!

 caught this cute little hair-flip while adjusting my settings:

 if she had it her way, this would be the pose for every shot!  what a ham!

love my little kindergartner!!!


Corbynn said...

I love these!! I especially love the ones with the pink background. So cute and so Anna. What a cute outfit too! Love you guys!! I cant believe Anna's in kindergarten!!

Kelly said...

Brit~ Were is the Blue garage back ground @ .. im looking for a cute place to take fam pics at soon. I want more modern not out in a fild this year. :) do you have any ideas?