Monday, August 8, 2011

CA dreamin"

Autumn takes her family to Idaho every year for a family vacation, and this year she decided to carry that on to California!!!!  luckily she called me and i took my family to meet her.  the kids have been dying to see their cousins for a while! our trip started off on a yucky foot, first trip with Colin and we hit MAJOR traffic!!!  we took an hour detour through the desert and i got to see this awesome sky:
 finally, we reached grandma and grandpa's house and Colin got to meet his cousins!!!
 of course, we hit the beach most days, and these kids got to go crazy in the great weather with their bestest friends!!!

 me and my baby:
 Jason gave the kids a treat with some crack the whip, body board style!  Charlie was a huge fan!
 love these shots of Madeline:
 we spent one day down at Balboa, the pier, Ruby's, fun zone, ferry. in a word: awesome!

 Grandpa and his newest grandson, (newest grand daughter due in January ala Barrett and Autumn!)
 we took some cousin photos in these cute outfits, photos forthcoming:

 proud grandparents of 7 (going on 8)
 in LOVE with this shot of Maddie in dad's VP hat!!!!!  Daddy's little girl!
 grandpa and his girls!!!
 we had fun at the beach with friends:
 went to Irvine park to ride the ponies:
 grandma got the girls matching shirts and they had a blast looking so sweet!!!
all in all we had a blast!  love and miss our family so much!!!

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