Sunday, November 27, 2011

so long, Farewell!

in case you didn't know, i belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  yes, I am a Mormon.  you may have seen Mormon Missionaries in your neighborhood.  well, if you live in/around Paris, France, you may see my brother Collier very soon!  Collier has been called to serve for two years in the Paris, France Mission.  as per tradition, our family gathered together to attend church together and hear Collier speak to the congregation before he leaves.  it's always fun to get together, but especially to commemorate such a milestone, for Collier and for our family.  he is the baby, and the third son to serve a mission in our family!

my parents, now veterans of sending a child to a foreign land for two years, let us know that it only gets harder to say goodbye! 

 i love these faces!  they are going to miss their uncle Collier! 

 so, already Collier will not meet 1 new niece (due January 3rd). he asked how many others he may be expected to miss, here's my wish list: 3 total. (1 each, me, Ash, Holly....?)

in the meantime, Collier, I am so happy and excited for the experiences you will have over the course of your mission.   you will have the wonderful opportunity of sharing the Lord's great plan of happiness with many people.  I am happy to say that the road ahead of you will be full of new challenges.  yes, these will help you learn and grow, and that is a wonderful thing!  you are the best baby brother a girl could have, and i can't wait to see the man you will become!  i love you and appreciate the example you are to me and my family!
au revoir et bon courage.  je t'aime,

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