Wednesday, June 6, 2012

how to communicate with fairies

Anna has been losing teeth like crazy lately.  the tooth fairy has made several trips to our house.  Anna likes to make it special for when the tooth fairy comes by:
 Anna likes to start and end all correspondence with "love."  when i explained that letters usually start with "dear" and end with "love", she said, "shouldn't everything be love mom?"   how can you argue with that.  

 here's how this letter goes, "love tooth fairy, i know that you get so many teeth.  i want you to be happy, so i make you happy.  love, Anna."
 she makes her a bed, complete with a ladder for the travel-weary fairy. 
a hot tub, to sooth those tired wings.  
and a sitting area with snacks, to regain some energy.  
 unfortunately, the night of this particular lost tooth, there was a big lightning storm.  now you may not know this, but lightning can interfere with a fairies communication receptors and cause her to not realize you've lost a tooth.  so when she didn't come that night, we thought she may need a reminder message.  

here's how you communicate with a fairy.  first, you write a letter telling her about your lost tooth.  
 then you use something that the fairy has touched and rub it on the letter.  here, we used Anna's tooth case that she puts each lost tooth in.  

 then you make a wish and blow it onto your now charmed letter.  
 then, get your mom and dad to help you burn the letter.  the magic smoke will float up and reach the fairy to give her the message.  

after that, the message was received and the tooth fairy left a dollar under Anna's pillow.  she also wrote a sweet little letter of apology for the weather delay.  ;)

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