Saturday, August 11, 2012

weekend projects

 Jason is my weekend warrior.  he does so many awesome projects for us, making our house a home.  recently, he's wanted to chronicle his projects and enlisted me to take more pictures of his hard work.  

these are our kitchen chairs.  they have been great.  i love the classic styling, an i love that they are the chairs i grew up with.  but, they are the chairs i grew up with, so they are almost 35 years old and have been used and abused by 10 children now.  they were originally a set of 8,  i inherited the remaining 4.  needless to say, after all this time, they had to go.  

we set out to find an inexpensive set of chairs to get us through the next decade or so, which as history has shown, will prove to be a highly destructive period for furniture.  after a long and exhaustive search, we found a set of 8 like this: (six in a set and two non-matching)
 first Jason hit the 6 with a few coats of high gloss black spray paint.  

 then i recovered the seats in the same long-lasting chenille we had before.  
voila!  i'm thrilled with the results.  
 additionally i took the remaining two non-matching chairs and gave them a few coats of aqua, and replaced the seats with cute fabric remnants i had in the closet.  i did not have room in the girls' rooms for these, so after using them in a few photoshoots they hit Craigslist.  

so, after selling our old fab-four chairs and the refinished aquas, we got the matching 6 for only $40.  thanks Craigslist!

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