Monday, November 19, 2012

a quick work trip with my boy

Bubba was my assistant on a recent trip to CA for holiday mini-sessions.  since Grandma and Grandpa were out of town, we got to stay with Sawyer and Ali.  (and of course Emma and Kobe)  Colin's love affair with dogs runs deep.  he was pretty unstoppable when it came to chasing Emma and Kobe around, (and hugging their rear ends, what's with that?)
 he had to come with me to the Friday sessions, and was a trooper as long as I gave him his favorite toy, my toothbrush.  (had to make a Target run for another.)
 and he did not contain his love to live dogs only, he shared the wealth with the stone variety as well.  a bonus, since the stone dog cannot move, he was able to plant kisses firmly on the dogs face and not the back side.  much less germy, i hope.  
the sessions were fun, the weather was semi-stormy, the company was lovely, but my time was short.  see you soon California!

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