Sunday, November 25, 2012

thanksgiving in Sedona

it's been years since i've been to Sedona, and it had been way too long.  it is really just the most beautiful place.  it is so fun to visit the different areas of this great state.  it's easy to just associate Arizona with the desert, there is just so much to see and Sedona is definitely a must-see!
 we got here on Thanksgiving day and got right to cooking and eating.  after the deliciousness, we headed out for a self-guided jeep tour of Sedona!
 each vista and view was greater then the last.  and the girls had so much fun on the little hikes/walks we took here and there.  (i forgot my camera on our jaunt and thought i'd make up for it the rest of the weekend, thank goodness Tara snapped these pics.)

this should have been a sign of things to come, Colin was not a happy camper, but i chalked it up to the bumpy ride and lack of nap:


but later that night, and ALL night long, this poor boy threw up.  and there should really be another name for the sick he was, it was poltergeist.  we had to call the front desk and request a clean up in the morning.  and so, as the exhausted, sick and oh yeah, exhausted mom, i made the executive decision for us to spend the rest of the weekend at home in our home beds.  

so sadly, we called it quits on our Sedona weekend and headed home.  here is my one picture.  the girls call these trees the "fire trees" as the yellow crops up in the middle of the of these little valleys, they think it looks like fire in the distance.  
it is really beautiful.  goodbye Sedona!

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