Monday, December 24, 2012

California Christmas Part Deux

Christmas Eve was again a splendid party.  we had such a nice time with friends and family.  and Colin had so much fun with his best pal Nalu.  

 a special visitor came to surprise the kids.  the girls were so excited and whispered their cute wishes to the man in red. 

 Colin on the other hand was not very excited to visit with his old friend.  while i was trying to place him in Santa's lap I said, "I just want you to say hi to Santa."  and this is what he did, obediently and tearfully waved and said, "hi."  poor kid, his mom just won't quit.  
 Colin was all pictured out, but I was dying for a shot of all my cuties on Christmas Eve.  

 the clan (minus Barrett's family, and Elder Beardsley):
 i am feeling pretty lousy this pregnancy, I was not a super energetic party goer. 
 Chritmas morning was a bit of a waiting game for the kiddies.  were were able to Skype with Collier, so we let the kids empty stockings, but made them wait to open presents.  here's Avery asking, "is this my Rapunzel doll?"  
 this kid had some unwrapped presents in the mix, so he rode, 
 and hammered and sawed until the opening began.  
 Christmas cuties:
 Avery did in fact receive a life-sized Rapunzel this year.  
 while Anna and Maddie both got just what they asked for too!
 Caroline, the American girl doll from 1812.  
 they got nearly every Caroline accessory (thank you grandma and grandpa), including matching jammies.  
 Tashy and Ian hooked the girls up with these darling magnet boards.  
 and buddy occupied himself with tree ornaments, and...
 the four footballs he got!  
Colin is obsessed with football.  it's his first word in the morning, and if you turn the TV on he is relentless with the question, "football? football? football?"  he and dad had some fun running plays in grandma's yard.  

we had a very Merry Christmas most especially because we were surrounded by family, spoke with and saw Elder Beardsley, and reflected on the birth and love of our Savior.  Merry Christmas to all!

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