Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my Chritmas presents (thanks Jason)

i have been wanting a Bosch for a very long time now (at least 6 years) and have always stopped short of buying one due to my lack of baking and the large price tag.  but this has been a big year for me and the oven.  i have embraced baking muffins, cookies and other snacks as a way to cut back on processed foods.  my increased baking made for an increased mess and Jason was always commenting that there had to be a less messy way to mix.  I took the opportunity to tell him my theories on stand mixers and educate him on our need for a Bosch. and look what Santa brought me:  (Jason would die if i didn't point out that this was not my only present and he merely wrapped it and put it under the tree due to the timing of the purchase)  
 this little number has revolutionized my muffin and cookie skills, and the ease and convenience factors has led me to take up bread baking as well.  i now bake wheat bread a couple times a month, so we've replaced yet another source of processed foods!  hip hip hooray!  don't even get me started on the blender attachment.  needless to say, our smoothie making time has shrunk by half!
a note on my real Christmas gifts as they have not arrived I do not have photos.  Jason presented me with a coupon to upgrade my photography quiver.  I ordered 2 (count 'em 2) new Nikon dSLRs an off camera flash unit, new camera tote, SD cards, jump drives and more.  Britain Earl Photography is off to a great 2013!!!  thank you hubby!

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