Tuesday, January 29, 2013

autumn leaves in January

many people think we only have one season in Arizona (or rather the Phoenix area), but we have four just like every other place.  our seasons are just spaced out a little differently here.  it's true that our longest season is summer.  and i'll go ahead and characterize summer as temps 85 and above.  typically this warm season lasts from about mid (or early) April to mid (or late) October.  next comes the season best referred to as winter. a cooling off that thankfully tends to occur during the holiday season.  cool temps stretch into January and February when we surprise many visitors with freezing temperatures. Spring is usually the six-eight weeks between freezes and Summer generally occurring in March/April.  

so what about Fall?  well our Autumn is usually a few days in January when the leaves fall!  here are my children revelling in their 24 hours of Autumn.  

the FLU reared it's ugly head in our house again this month.  along with strep, a stomach bug, and double ear infections.  someone in our family has been sick almost every week since Thanksgiving!!!!  we are looking forward to those warmer temps that Arizona has in store for us!

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