Monday, February 4, 2013

the surprise is: it's not a surprise!

so, we have never found out the gender of our babies.  but this has always been my choice, while Jason would have preferred to find out.  at some point in our negotiations for #5 i may or may not have suggested i would agree to find out this time if i could just have one more baby.   and though Jason laughed this off at the time, assuring me this was not a bargaining chip, he still through it down once baby #5 was a reality.  although i really prefer not knowing, i figured i got my way 4 times, so i gave him his way just this once! 

after a lengthy hour+ long ultrasound (designed for woman over 35, yikes) we finally discovered that our sweet new baby will be our 4th daughter!  Colin did not attend the ultrasound, but he was not surprised to discover he would be having another sister.  "brother" is not in his vocabulary!  
the girls were actually excited (Maddie was a little mad to lose the betting pool) but they could not muster up any enthusiasm for this photo after such a long time in the ultrasound room.  

we are thrilled to welcome another beautiful daughter to our family this summer.  we know she will be as sweet and lovely as her sisters (and brother).  

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