Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Madeline is 6! How did that happen?

this sweet little angel went to bed a 5 year old. 

 and woke up a whopping 6!!!

 the day was full of fun, special meals, shopping with grandma, and on the weekend had a fabulous pink and red tea party.  

 the girls started with a hair bow craft, moved on to self-makeovers, ate delicious rolls and lemonade and cake, and finished up with a raucous pinata!  
you are simply the sweetest 6 year old in town.  you are always so happy and willing to help me and your dad.  you love your sisters and brother, and are always up for a good time.  you are a great friend, and teammate.  you love to play: soccer, basketball, swim, run, rollerblade, dance, gymnastics.  bring it on!  you love it all!  your teachers at school and in primary go out of their way to tell us what a great student you are, and that you are an example of citizenship to your classmates.  we could not be more proud of the girl you are!
i love you very much.  and as much as i would love you to stay my little baby forever, it is so much fun watching you grow up!
happy birthday Maddie!

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