Friday, April 5, 2013

and the soccer lovin' saturdays continue!

so, soccer season is in full swing, and the Orange Crush and Snowflakes are dominating.  
not to mention looking super cute!  
 in years past I have lamented that I never catch goals with my camera, because i am too busy watching the game.  well, this year the girls decided to make it super easy on me and average at least 3 goals a game.  this allowed me the freedom of focusing my lens on the first goal, and then relaxing and enjoying the 2-5 others that were sure to follow.  thanks girls!
 it is a pleasure watching all my girls play sports, and grow and excel in their various activities.  but Avery has been especially fun as she dons a cool-as-a-cucumber persona on the field.  
 Madeline is no slouch out there either.  if you ever oppose Maddie in soccer, a good rule of thumb is: DON'T LEAVE HER UNGUARDED.  she can outrun anyone, and scores almost every time she breaks away.  

 everyone gets a chance to play "patrol" or the defensive position in 4 on 4 soccer.  but this particular game, coach had to pull Maddie back there right away, since the had 3 in the first quarter.  though the girl loves offense, she works just as hard in the back field as well!
 boot it Maddie!

i wasn't the best player when i was a kid, but i sure loved the game.  it is a thrill for me to cheer on my girls each week!  

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