Wednesday, April 10, 2013

daddy's big helper!

Jason has always accused Colin of being a momma's boy.  admittedly, he has spent the better part of his 22 months wanting me to hold, feed, bath, rock, him, etc.  but lately, it's become apparent that Dad  is becoming Colin's new favorite.  he is obsessed with everything Dad does, and is his constant companion for yard work, and of course anything involving tools!

recently we were lucky enough to inherit Jason's big boy bed!  since Colin will be needing this soon, we assembled in his bedroom.  at first, he wasn't that into helping:
 but when Jason offered him a tool, he started getting serious about this project.  

 i hope our one little prince continues to stick by his dad's side.  Colin, this is definitely the one to emulate if you want to become a man!

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