Saturday, May 11, 2013

Anna's 8th birthday party - 2 months early!

Anna's actual birthday is in July, but ever since last year, she has wanted to throw her party on the last day of school, so all her classmates would be there.  so, all year long, I figured her party would be at the end of May.  when May arrived, she started telling all her friends that she was going to have a last day of school birthday party, and the reports started rolling in of Memorial Day getaways and friends who wouldn't be in town.  (just like her actual birthday).  so, we set out choosing a new weekend for her party.  as we went backward through the month, we realized that YIKES, her birthday would have to be now!  and that's how Anna had a birthday party 2 months early!

she had her heart set on a pool party, and the heat was on so it was perfect!  we set up a little photo booth and took some test shots before guests arrived.  

 once the friends started rolling in, the photos and swimming were in full swing!
 Anna had fun with friends and cousins!

 love these girls, they are such great playmates!
 it was a really windy day, so i wasn't able to capture all the fun elements we had on the table, but here's a sampling of the fun colors.  these printables were so much fun, and added so much to a simple swim party. 
 i saw these cake pops on Pinterest, and just HAD to try them.  i have to say, they were pretty time consuming, and probably not the best to make for your first time, but i loved the way they turned out and they really were special.  Anna loved them, and actually helped make them, so i guess i'd probably do it again.  

i just love these shots of Jason trying to light the candle on this very windy day.  Anna looks quite concerned.  

 ...and then, she blows it right out.  

 Anna was simply spoiled by her sweet friends.  
 but one gift in particular had her very happy, and Dad very concerned.  an adorable boy gave her a heart necklace.  Anna is smitten....with the necklace of course. 
Anna sent the party-goers home with a pack of gumballs.  
 we are so happy Anna has so many nice friends that she really wanted a party to include them all!  happy early birthday Anna!!!

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