Friday, May 24, 2013

Madeline is a Ki!ndergarten Graduate

i'd like to take this opportunity to once again declare that we, the Earl family, LOVE our school!  our experiences thus far at Benjamin Franklin have been nothing short of phenomenal!  not the least of which are the wonderful programs our children have participated in.  Kindergarten graduation is a great time to see the progress and fun these kids have had during their first year of elementary school.  

Madeline's class recited the Preamble to the Constitution, sang a cute rendition of "New York, New York" with the lyrics 1st Grade, 1st Grade.  her teacher, Mrs. McGregor gushed about the children in a way that let you know she loved your child this year.  and to finish it off, each student was presented with a darling certificate with a photo in a cap and gown.  

 we were so happy to have Mrs. McGregor as Maddie's teacher this year, and such a small world that she used to be in the 6th ward as a child.  Mrs. Dawson was the aide in Anna's class last year, and what a treat that Maddie got to have her too.  we love our teachers!
 Anna was happy to come cheer on her sis, and make a quick visit to her classroom to say goodbye to Mrs. Casey and all her friends.  since she is still covered in a rash, this was as far as she went on the last day of school.  Avery and Colin we enthralled with the program, and can't wait to be just like their big sis!
 we snapped a few cute pics with Maddie and her friends.  
 i will miss our cute little carpool buddies!


We are so proud of you and the big girl you are.  You have grown and excelled all year, from the first month of kindergarten as Student of the Month, to your confident performance at Kindergarten graduation, you have shown us how much you love to learn!  Your teachers have nothing but the best to say about your sweet personality and work ethic.  Thank you for working so hard, and being such a great example to your siblings.

We love you so much,
Mom and Dad

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