Sunday, July 21, 2013

Colin is 2 - a photoshoot

i did not get these photos done right when Colin turned 2, so the shoot was juggled in during some time i had alone with the 2 babies.  if i was only gonna have one boy, i'm sure glad it was this one.  he is fun, sweet, and so happy.  right now he is totally into Superman, but he wasn't that excited to rip off his dress shirt to reveal his secret identity.  but he loved posing with his doggy, and his favorite "daddy bear".  all in all we had some fun. 


it is so much fun being your mom.  you are sweet, rambunctious, curious, rowdy, and just so much fun.  your sisters adore you almost as much as dad and I do.  you are a great big brother, and love giving kisses to your sweet baby Zoe.  Dad is so excited that he has a buddy to play football with, catch, and golf.  and you are my favorite snuggle buddy.  thank you for being such a fun loving and happy son!


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